Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Flowers in a Silver Cup

You know when life steals your extra time, and inevitably, some of your joy is gone too?  That is how I have felt a bit lately.  I have been tremendously busy with work and traveling most weekends.  That kind of a schedule does not leave time for painting!  Today I took the dogs for a walk in the most beautiful springtime weather here in the Texas hill country and I just KNEW in my heart that today was a day to paint! Joy started to grow in my mind...

I am greatly inspired by our wildflowers that grow every where on the side of Texas highways and country roads!  A friend of mines grandmother, Ladybird Johnson (yes, the Presidents wife) is responsible for the beautification of our countries roadsides.  I think of Nicole (my friend) each spring when the wildflowers bloom!  She must be so proud of her Grandmother.  It is such a lovely legacy.

A simple bundle of pink flowers in a simple silver cup.  I love it.  I love it when life is simple because I remember to look for joy!  Have a great day...
16in X 20in
oil on canvas
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