Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Silver Piggy Bank, Books and Apple

This a "tip of my hat" to the first day of school!  My kids and I had so much fun shopping for back to school supplies.  I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like it is a right of passage to get all those new supplies and spread them out on the floor, and organize them in your new back pack!  I remember being so proud of a purple pencil holder in 2nd grade!  Silly, but true....

This little piggy painting has so much personality!  It is 8in x 10in on canvas.
$130 unframed
$160 framed as shown above

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rosemary's Trophy

This a trophy from the 1920's. My grandmother, Rosemary, did not have much as a child. She loved school and learning new things. She was a woman ahead of her time. This is an academic trophy that she won as a senior in HS that also came with a scholarship to Indiana University. She was a smart girl, and made her parents very proud! I love this trophy, because it symbolizes a turning point in her life.
oil  on 1/2 board
 11.5in x 14in

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Asparagus in a sterling baby cup with lemon

I love fresh asparagus!  When I was setting this one up, at first, I only had the lemon and the cup, but isn't it better with the thick spears sticking out of the top?  It is about 34in x22in. Contact me if you have questions, please.  
This was the first week back to school for my three kids and thankfully they all love their teachers and are getting back into the grove of things.  One the first day of school, my computer was hacked and the AWFUL people that did it sent out a message that my husband and I were in London and had been mugged and that we needed money.  The email went out to hundreds of friends and family, and sadly a few people believed it.  It really bothers me that there are people out there that have no ethics, no boundaries, no consideration of others...Lesson learned, passwords need to be tough, and changing them is not a bad idea!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Holly's Sterling Coffee Pot

Holly's coffee pot reminds me of one of my dearest friends named Holly who loves to entertain!  She has one of those homes where everyone is welcome, comfort abounds, dogs and kids play, and beautiful dinner parties happen often.  My sweet husband and I have been in a supper club with Holly and her husband David for over 15 years.  A few times a year, we get together with 5 other couples and do dinner the old school way!  Everyone has a part in the meal.  The hostess prepares the main course, and everyone else gets to cook a BEAUTIFUL side dish, salad, dessert or bring wine and bread.  We use our china and our sterling.  We all eat too much, talk late into the night and we all help clean up!  These are some of my favorite nights of the year.  We have been through so many things together as friends...the birth of babies, death of friends and parents, illnesses, vacations, sick children, taking kids to college.  These are the conversations that create true friendships and provoke prayers and support.  Having a great supper club is a bright spot on my journey!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Baby Rattles in a Sterling Cup

I must admit, this painting is my favorite that I have done to date.  As with all of my work, I love it because of the memories it recalls.  I have three kids.  They are older now, and happily, I am free of the "baby stuff" that used to clutter my home.  Yet the memories of holding Holly, Reid and Ryan as babies are some of my most treasured thoughts.  The kids played with their sterling rattles.  They are dented and scratched by little cutting teeth.  I love these rattles because of their dents!  What good is a sterling baby rattle if a baby can't make it their own?  This painting is 12 in x 12in. Not for Sale
Custom painting of your sterling rattle and cup, $300.  Contact me with questions.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Edge of Mom's Bowl

How I love this bowl!  Believe it or not, this bowl is only about 5 inches around.  It is little.  Probably meant for holding mixed nuts on a bridge table from days gone by.  I remember my parents having a room full of friends down stairs, and all the kids played "dress up" up stairs!  We had a great time while the adults played bridge and laughed loudly.  The back ground is a grape/maroon color, but very hard to capture without a glare in a photo.  This painting is already sold, but I can capture your very favorite piece of sterling for you if you wish.  Contact me with questions.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can you tell we have three kids?  This is a favorite of mine because it is so representative of three children in one family.  I left the colors very abstract on these cups, and I like the over all effect.  You will see paintings of the cups over and over again throughout my works...I like their shape and simplicity.  I have also started adding blog addresses of other painters I follow and admire.  When you have time, check them out!
12in x 10.5in
oil on 1/2in board

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sterling Baby Cup With Flatware and Lemons

When my kids were babies, I let them play with their sterling baby cups.  The noise that the cups made when they banged them on the table top or floor, brought surprise and joy to their little faces!  How much babies love cause and effect!  This is my daughter's cup filled with sterling flatware and a few lemons thrown in for yummy color.  Can you guess my sterling pattern?  Of course, my mom, sister and I all have the same pattern and I love it!  
18 in x 24 in oil on 1/2in board

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