Saturday, October 15, 2011

Painting Reflective Pieces

I thought I would share my painting process.  These photos show the first few steps that I take when painting reflective subjects like these sterling silver cups.  I sketch my composition first in pencil on the canvas.  I usually go from a photo I have taken for the bones of the painting.  Once I wet my brushes, I always start with the darks.  You can see this in the top picture.  When painting sterling, you have to paint shapes, not a cup or a coffee pot.  I then begin to lay down my middle colors and begin to get specific...The middle cup has many blue hues, so I began to put more blue on.  The lower cup is lighter than the rest, but it has more browns.  That means that plan to add more green hues on the top cup.  I will continue to post pictures of the evolution of this fun painting this week!

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